Enertek 765292G8462U7Q3X Brake Ceramic Pads Rear Dual 2WD-4WD

fits model: 3500, Sierra. make: Gmc. year: 2004-2008.

765292g8462u7q3x Enertek Brake Ceramic Pads Rear Fit Gmc Sierra Dual

( Brand: ENERTEK ), ( Manufacturer Part Number: 765292G8462U7Q3X ), ( Brake Disc Style: Cross Drilled and Diamond Slotted ), ( Brake Pads Style: Environtmental Quality Ceramic ), ( Placement on Vehicle: Rear, Left, Right ), ( Surface Finish: Silver with Classic Anti-rust Oil Coated ), ( Warranty: 1 Year ), ( Rear Rotor Outside Diameter (inch): 12.80 ), ( Rear Rotor Weight ( lbs p/rotor ): 29.32 ), ( Rear Hole Diameter (inch): 4.83 ), ( Fitment Type: Direct Replacement ), ( Pad Material: Ceramic ), ( Caliper Color: Black ), ( solid or Vented Color: Vented )

ENERTEK 765292G8462U7Q3X Brake Pads Description

Solution: check the brake system and related parts thoroughly. Each cross-drilled hole is perfectly sized to allow for maximum ventilation without structurally weakening the brake rotors. Warranty encore rotors and pads have a 6 month against workmanship defects ans warping. It will cause abnormal noise and vibration to easily occur.

See our comparison chart for application advantages between the different types of rotors. Solution: adjust the hub run out and make sure it is within tolerance. If you have any questions or need assistance choosing the correct brake rotor for your vehicle, call our experts toll-free at. The fastening sequence was incorrect and force uneven between installation points.

Surfaces with changed color have lower friction force and can easily cause vibrations after continued use. Please check the compatibility and view notes before purchasing item, make sure it fits your vehicle. Use a proper and even amount of force to fasten brake discs following the correct sequence. We recommend that you have a certified mechanic install them for proper break-in procedure.

Malfunction: when the installed brake pads was of poor quality and some foreign material from pads fell on to disc surface, it will cause braking surface be dirty. In this situation, asymmetric abrasion will be caused by irregular contact between brake disc and pad, which lead to abnormal noise or vibration. Malfunction: when brake pads were seriously or completely worn, the backing plated on made contact with discs metal to, damaging surface of. Common malformation analysis and solution incorrect installation malfunction: brake disc holes were cracked.

The final result is a thick protective coating that will help prevent rusting and give you great custom look. Malfunction: braking calipers got locked. The side on which metal backboards and brake discs rubs was seriously worn, while other both pads disc were mostly new. 4 brake ceramic pads rear l r fit GMC SIERRA 3500 2wd 4wd dual item description PCs for Chevy Silverado 4wd, wheels, 3500, wheels specification:position: front left and right lugs: 8high performance, rust protected application:the items works on the following model's : make model year range specification details Chevrolet 2wd, wheels about encore all cross-drilled rotors are precision-machined finished in our facility.

Each rotor is double-disc ground and machine-mill balanced for optimal high-performance operation. Malfunction: if the surface of hub is dirty or rusted, dirt rusted will cause deviation when brake disc being installed. Malfunction: for newly replaces brake discs, braking hard when the surface is not fitted very well could easily cause different brightness and colors on of disc. This can cause the overall braking effectiveness, particularly power and distance, to be below normal.

You can install them with no worries about factory fit or function. In some cases that is also abnormal noise. Solution: install brake pads of better quality. After you select your vehicle, on the part number to see actual dimensions.

Photo disclaimer - the product is for display purposes only. Vibration occurred when braking. Abnormal abrasion malfunction: the thickness of braking surface was less than mini required by manufacturer generally 1mm for each side, which meant brake disc in excess limits fair use. Solution: replace brake pads and discs.

This kind of change indicated that the material composing braking discs surface had hardened and brittle. Solution: clean installation surface and wheel hub after taking off brake discs then re-install them. Actual product may vary in size and bolt pattern. Malfunction: mechanical stress occurred due to improper centers when brake discs were installed.

Before installing brake discs please inspect all aspects carefully, especially the installation location of caliper in hub. Improper installation and location between caliper brake disc led to persistent asymmetric wear on pads which resulted in tremendous noise heavy vibration. When inspecting the brake disc one can see that pad impression left of has an uneven edge. Cross-drilled holes move air from the pad surface whilst reducing temperature, eliminating hot spots and warping.

Replace all parts with problems and install new brake discs. Each drilled hole is chambered to eliminate stress cracks, as well provide long-lasting performance. Solution: replace brake discs and check the system. One side of the brake pad rubbed against disc continuously, causing wear up to metal backboard.

Under regular use conditions, please confirm that the indicator of excessive wear on brake pads works well. Vehicle recommendations cross-drilled brake rotors are ideal for all domestic and foreign light, medium heavy-duty cars, trucks, Suva, as well any vehicles that require improved braking performance. Every rotor is inspected using the strictest quality control standards and checked for compliance with factory dimensional specifications. Solution: replace brake disc, after installing a its better to avoid braking suddenly at high speed or frequently first.

Problems with related parts systems malfunction: due to excessive hub run out, brake discs and pads had uneven contact which led shaking. This can also cause local heating and blue marks appearing on the braking surface. Solution: replace brake discs in a timely manner. Solution: please replace braking disc and avoid hard or excessive braking, its suggested that drivers who excessively should release ease off the gas pedal at an earlier distance to slow their vehicle down before.

Braking pads and discs should be replaced as necessary. Guaranteed fit and installation brake performance cross-drilled rotors are machined to the same dimensions as your factory. Our rotors are manufactured from premium-quality cast iron that meets or exceeds ts16949 qs9000 specifications. Malfunction: brake disc were scratched by pads of poor quality or other outside objects.

Each performance brake rotor is immersed in different solution tanks throughout the coating process. Solution: please replace brake discs and pads. Encore rotors have a 1 year warranty against cracking when purchased with our pads. It can also lead to a decrease in stopping power and vibration some cases.

We are so confident about the quality of our products that offer best warranty anywhere. Replace other products which have already exceeded their suggested usage time. Production technology classic anti-rust oil surface treatments it is the best way for rotors surface, reliable, safe and environmental, effectively extend driving time, an extensive hand-applied operation that not sprayed on like inferior coatings. Excessive heat on brake disc or braking malfunction: frequently caused blue spots appearing in a radial direction the surface.

Solution: please check, replace or repair the braking caliper. In this situation, the braking power of brake discs cannot meet requirements either.

ENERTEK 765292G8462U7Q3X Brake Pads Specifications


  • brand: Enertek
  • mpn: 765292g8462u7q3x
  • sku: 528694329313273


  • for models: 3500, Sierra
  • for makes: Gmc
  • for years: 2004-2008
  • brake disc style: Cross Drilled And Diamond Slotted
  • brake pads style: Environtmental Quality Ceramic
  • placement on vehicle: Rear, Left, Right
  • surface finish: Silver With Classic Anti-rust Oil Coated
  • warranty: 1 Year
  • rear rotor outside diameter: Inch
  • rear rotor weight: Lbs P/rotor
  • rear center hole diameter: Inch
  • fitment type: Direct Replacement
  • pad material: Ceramic
  • caliper color: Black
  • solid or vented color: Vented
  • types: Brake Pads


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  • cost: $0.0
  • type: Flat
  • to: Worldwide


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